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Vegetarian Restaurant
& Coffee Shop
at the End of the World

Situated in Puerto Natales Patagonia Chile
A great place to eat near Torres del Paine
Authentic Vegetarian Food
"Relax in a friendly atmosphere & sample the ambience"

Located at Arturo Prat 156, La Plaza, Puerto Natales
eL Living

Offering real coffee, delicious cakes, veggie food and a book
exchange, eL LivingĀ is the first and only authentic vegetarian
restaurant in Puerto Natales located close to Parque Nacional
Torres del Paine, Chile's magnificent national park in Southern

The owners, Anne and Jeremy, are vegetarian themselves and therefore know that it is difficult to find good quality
vegetarian food. eL Living is the answer with the most magnificent range of snacks and dinners served in a relaxing
and friendly atmosphere. The choice of food will make your mouth water, from ‘meal of the day’ to a host of tempting
salads, sandwiches and cakes; eL Living also has vegan, wheat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, soups, meals and cakes.
An excellent selection of drinks includes freshly ground & brewed coffee, speciality teas, delicious fresh fruit juices,
shakes, local beers, excellent Chilean wines & genuine single-malt Scotch whiskies. Alternatively, go native and try
a Pisco Sour or a Mate.
El Living Sign Town map
el Living is located on La Plaza in Puerto Natales
EL LIVING MENU (download a copy of the menu pdflogo )

Locally grown organic produce is used whenever available. Our daily specials include curries, quince, quiches,
vegetables in coconut milk & much more (menu prices may be subject to change)

The best restaurant
in Puerto Natales
for vegetarian food

eL Living
is located close to Chile's famous Parque Nacional Torres del Paine

Puerto Natales is the nearest main town to Parque Nacional
Torres del Paine with beautiful views over Last Hope Sound
(Seno Ulitima Esperanza)

eL Living has been successfully providing
high quality vegetarian food for over ten years.
The restaurant is now closed for the winter but will reopen towards the end of October 2014
Web Site was update 28 April 2014

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may be of interest. These are local businesses, managed by friends of el Living, with a great deal of
experience of the area; they are available to help you to make your visit both memorable and well organised.

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